Message: “Worldviews Conference – Session 1 – Theology” from Justin Alfred


Justin Alfred - August 24, 2018

Worldviews Conference - Session 1 - Theology

EVERYONE HAS A WORLDVIEW! Everyone has a worldview. It is how we see the world around us, and it is the filter we use for interacting with others. Our worldview is something that develops over our lifetime. It is formed by our upbringing, our environment, our experiences, our education, our religious beliefs, our culture, and everything else that touches our lives. Justin Alfred helps us to understand the different worldviews and how they impact our lives. Session 1 - Theology Aside from the Biblical view of theology, including Judaism, there is with every false, theological belief system an underlying premise wherein man is ascribed a degree of self-deification, whereby he is innately enabled to save himself through his own acts of what each group defines as "deeds of righteousness." The Bible, on the other hand, resolutely disavows any form of human righteousness that can be attributed to our salvation, as even our "thoughts" are evil to the core (Genesis 6:5), and whatever we deem as righteous from our own distorted view is in truth equal to a used, menstrual cloth (Isaiah 64:6). Therefore, we will clearly see the differences in the various "man-centered" views we will examine. This conference was hosted by Calvary Chapel French Valley in Murrieta, California. To find out more about Justin Alfred, go to

Scripture References: Luke 8:40-56

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