Facility Search Update

We are looking for a new church home!

On Saturday, October 17, 2020 Calvary Chapel French Valley will mark its 16th anniversary. For almost 16 years we have been meeting in spaces where we are limited to when we can meet. We are thankful for every one of those locations and the people God introduced to the church through them. However, it has long been our desire to find a location where we can make it our own.

A lot has happened since our last update (read it here). We currently have three locations that we are reviewing. Here is an update on each of them.

Sky Canyon - Industrial Space

This was the very first one we looked at. It could certainly work for us with very little modifications. In the last couple of weeks we have determined that we will need to get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). That process could take about three months. There is another church nearby and so there is a valid concern about parking. The owner has voiced other concerns, but this is still a viable prospect.

B'nai Chaim Synagogue

Last Thursday, we had a Zoom meeting with the leader of the B'nai Chaim synagogue about leasing their facilities on Sunday mornings. This facility is located on the corner of Via Princessa and Murrieta Hot Springs. This would not be the full-time church home that we are hoping for, but it might meet our needs for a while. It is also attractive because by meeting there we would be supporting Israel. We will be touring the facility on Thursday, September 17th in the afternoon.

Eastman Drive - Church Building

This one just came to us this morning (9/16/20). This 4,000 square foot facility was a church until 3 months ago. It is located near French Valley Parkway and Jefferson Avenue. The location may not be everything we would hope for (not in French Valley) but the building is a church which means things like a CUP are not an issue and therefore we could move in immediately. From the pictures on the brochure, it is a beautiful facility and would be an awesome home for CCFV. We will be touring this facility at 11 am on September 17th.

Pray that God makes it clear to usĀ  what He wants us to do.

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