Trip update March 10, 2019


Indonesia Update – March 10, 2019 While we were in Soe, we didn’t have wifi, so here is the update for the last several days of the trip. Wednesday, March 6 – We started in Denpassar, Bali. After breakfast, we leave for the airport for a late-morning flight to Kupang, Indonesia. As we make our way to the airport we … Read More

Indonesia Mission Trip update – March 6, 2019

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By Rick Lancaster It’s 2:45 am (10:45 am, March 5, Claifornia time) here in Bali, and unforfuntately I am wide awake. We arrived yesterday afternoon. Our flights were long, but not crowded, which allowed us to spread out. Debbie was even able to lay down across several seats and sleep. Upon arriving in Denpassar, Bali we checked into the hotel … Read More

Life Groups: Expectations


Expectations in Life Groups!By: Pastor Rick Setting expectations helps us all avoid conflict, as most conflict is a result of unmet expectations. For any group to function well, all members of the group should understand what to expect in and from the group. THE VISION We want to take a moment to discuss some of the more common issues we … Read More

Worldviews Questions


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