Book review: The Popular Handbook on the Rapture

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The Popular Handbook on the Rapture

General Editors: Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice, Ed Hindson

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Copyright: 2011

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The Rapture is one of those topics that can be very polarizing, even among people who believe it. Why is that? This book is a great resource if you want to have a better understanding about this vital topic. It will answer most of the questions that people ask about the ‘catching away’ of the church. It will also open your eyes to things you may not have known about Christ’s soon coming. This is a must read for anyone who would like to deepen their faith and understand better the ‘blessed hope’ of Christians everywhere. You can pick up a copy by clicking on the image of the book.

Each chapter is written by different authors, which gives you a broader understanding of the topic, and brings in perspectives that might otherwise be missed.

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Quotes from the book

…”the rapture, the Christians ultimate hope, as a totally joyful experience.” Wayne A. Brindle – page 77

“A pretribulational view of the rapture is in keeping with the merciful character of a loving God who takes His bride to His Father’s house in heaven.” Tim LaHaye – page 139

“Whether Christ returns next week or 100 years from now, we are to be living as though He were coming today.” Ed Hindson – page 144

“The rapture is part of God’s program for the church. And the second coming is part of God’s plan for Israel.” Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum – page 270

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