On Sunday, June 24th, we will be taking a break from our study of the gospel of Luke; The Stories of Life to continue our topical series What's Important. In this series we are examining the things that we do in the church and why they are important.

So far in the series we have looked at:

  • What's Important about The Bible
  • What's Important about Worship
  • What's Important about Prayer
  • What's Important about Community
  • What's Important about Communion

In this next message in the series, pastor Rick is going to tackle a topic that for some is very emotional, or personal, and can be controversial in the hearts of many believers; What's Important about Giving! Join us Sunday, June 24th to hear three reasons why we ought to be generous people. If you can't make it to the service, you can tune in live. Click the button below to go to the YouTube channel for the Live Service (9:30 am PST).

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If you would like to watch any of the previous messages from this series, click the button below.

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