California State ban lifted!

Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that state cannot ban indoor services!

Even though CCFV has been meeting indoors since May 31st, this decision is an encouragement to those that haven't reopened yet.

Don't be reckless.

Do your part to keep your family and your neighbors safe from this virus.

Fearlessly be the church!

Throughout the Bible God's people are called to minister to one another - believers ministering to other believers. The pandemic has made this more of a challenge. Because of the isolation caused by this pandemic people's need to experience the love of Christ through others believers has never been greater. Of course that is not limited to being at church on Sunday mornings. What could you do today to share God's love with another believer?

Life is better together!

We are so thankful to have had live streaming for the Sunday services during this strange time. As convenient as watching online is, it is not the same as being there is person. Some in our church family are more susceptible to the COVID virus than others and so we understand their caution. If you are staying home because it is easier, you might want to examine your heart and ask God if that is the right thing for your to be doing.