Social Sunday Potluck at CCFV

Social Sunday Potluck

The theme for August is celebrating the Youth of CCFV! There will be grilled carne asada. Bring something to share!

Part of how we grow in our faith is by being in community with other believers. Sunday mornings at church are great, but we usually need and want more than that. Come be a part of the family and community of Calvary Chapel French Valley. It will be fun and it will be good for you and us.

Social Sunday typically happens on the third Sunday of the month, but check the Upcoming Events calendar to confirm date and location. This month's gathering is at the Church right after the service is done.

Help the Youth go to Winter Camp! - This will be a fundraising event for the Youth. All moneys raise will go to getting our Youth up to a winter camp. These camps can be a place where great transformation takes place in the lives of young people.

Bring a dish to share - Nothing seems to help people connect to one another like sharing a meal. Buy or prepare your favorite dish and bring it to share with others. The food people bring is one of the ways we get to know them better.

Host a Social Sunday - If you would like to be involved in helping people connect to one another, please consider hosting a Social Sunday. Click the button below to find out more or to volunteer to open up your home for this fun time. You can volunteer to do it one time or as often as you like.

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