Shine the Light Indonesia Mission Update

Shine the Light International Ministry Update

STLI is a mission ministry of CCFV

Things are going well right now with the different STL ministries and partners around Indonesia. We are thankful so far that there is not yet one confirmed case of Corona Virus.

Last Saturday we did an outreach ministry to an orphanage for blind kids who are mostly Hindu and some Islam. The ministry was conducted by our youth group who did a great job with songs, games and interaction. I was able to share a Gospel Message and also give an opportunity for them to receive Christ.

Right now, the ministry of Pastor Gabriel in Jakarta is going well. Pastor is committed to teaching verse by verse through books of the Bible in every service of the Church and God has been blessing the growth of the Church about 1,500 members. Pastor Gabriel sends his regards and appreciates the continued prayers from the Church Body.

Our ministry has an incredible open door in Soe working through pak Christian who is the head of the Orphanage and also oversees a huge network of house Churches through the county. The number or house Churches are in the hundreds with over 20,000 members. He has asked us to train the leaders on a regular basis when we go up there routinely. We are planning to start in April by training them with IBS and how to teach verse by verse through books of the Bible.

It has been incredible how God has worked through CCBC Dumaguete in the Southern Philippines to help us train Indonesian nationals like Beny and Piter. Prayerfully God has opened up the door for us to send yet another person that has been involved in our ministry for over 10 and that is Oni from Kupang. She went through the perspectives class when she was attending the perspectives class at CC Seattle and the Lord stirred her heart into missions where she has been serving at OMF in Jakarta for the past 2 years and has been traveling on mission trips all over Asia. The Lord has put on her heart to attend CCBC starting in July.

Right the Lord is really opening up a lot of evangelistic doors in Bali through our English Service and Youth ministry. Here we are exposed to so many people from different faiths whether it be Indonesians that are Hindu, Islam and Buddhists or Western and Asian expats living in Bali that do not yet know the Lord.

Prayer Requests

  • That God can continue to keep us and also all of Indonesia free from the Corona Virus.
  • For the kids at the Orphanage that God will continue to work in their hearts and that their conversion would truly produce the fruits of salvation
  • For Pastor Gabriel that God will bless and protect his family with health, favor and an anointing to continue to faithfully shepherd the flock that has been entrusted to him to equip them in their walk with God and doing outreach in their community
  • For the right timing and open door for Ps Randy and Deb to come to Indonesia and visit a new area in Borneo that the Lord has put on our heart to explore for future ministry
  • Pray for the Open door that God has given us to work the network of house churches in Soe and that the Lord would use us to strengthen and equip all of the leaders
  • Pray for Made’s son Gede who our ministry put through dentistry school, who is really struggling right now, that the Lord would strengthen him and deliver him through this time so he can find his calling
  • Pray for Oni and the preparation to be sent to CCBC Dumaguete. Pray that CCBC will continue to give us the national rate for students from Indonesia that we send up there

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