Message: “Revelation 2:1-11 – Getting Ready for Him! – Part 1” from Rick Lancaster


Rick Lancaster - March 5, 2017

Revelation 1:9-16 - In the Spirit

John was exiled to the island of Patmos, and was likely sentenced to hard labor in the mines or quarries on the island. And yet we are told in today's text that he was 'in the Spirit on the Lord's Day'. Even within the desperate circumstances of exile for sharing his faith, John was able to get 'into the Spirit'. And it was while He was in the Spirit that he received the most radical vision of the glorified Christ recorded in Scripture. All of us will find ourselves in a 'Patmos' kind of situation in our lives. If we want to hear from God and see Him work, we need to, like John, be 'in the Spirit'. In this message Pastor Rick shares three things to help you learn how to get into the Spirit.

Scripture References: Revelation 1:17-20

From Series: "Revelation - Last Days Living"

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