March of Remembrance - 2019

Come and show your support for the Jewish People.

The Pre-march activities begin at 2:30 pm at the Murrieta Town Square Park.

The Walk of Remembrance is at 3:00 pm and is followed by a Memorial Service for the Holocaust.

March of Remembrance is a prayer walk held annually in remembrance of the Shoah (Holocaust) and has become a connecting point for people everywhere who wish to observe Yom HaShoah (Day of Holocaust Remembrance) in their local communities through public prayer and memorial events.

It is meant to keep the lessons of the Holocaust alive and remembered.

March of Remembrance is the American sister of the global March of Life movement which began in Germany (2007) and has engaged hundreds of cities and churches for national campaigns of public prayer & remembrance across The USA, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Belarus, Columbia, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the Philippines.

Holocaust Memorial Fundraiser

Randy and Debbie are doing a fundraiser to raise funds for the Holocaust Memorial by taking sponsors as they March in the Remembrance March. A $30 donation gets a t shirt and a tax deduction. Click the button below for a tax-deductible donation.

Event Information

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