Holocaust Memorial Fundraiser

Holocaust Memorial

Every year, the history and the memory of the Holocaust moves a little further back into the past. Although there are many educational efforts out there to continue teaching the history of the Holocaust, the number of people who are ignorant and unaware of the Holocaust is dramatically increasing. This is especially the case in our slice of the world: S.W. Riverside County, CA. With your help, we can change these statistics. How? By building a Holocaust Memorial in Murrieta’s Town Square Park. 

Storytelling is key to passing on Jewish history and to educating society. Moreover, visual storytelling is essential to solidifying these stories and the lessons they teach in our minds and in our hearts. That’s why the Holocaust Memorial will be so effective. It will be a physical, visual reminder of Holocaust history and how it has shaped our world today. It will be an opportunity for people to learn about the past in order to change the future. Education leads to empathy, which in turn will ensure that something like the Holocaust will never happen again.

Building the Holocaust Memorial has already been given unanimous approval from the Murrieta City Council and has been designated a plot of land in the park near its other memorials for us to use. The memorial is designed to be an interactive experience. The layout welcomes viewers to sit, meditate, and learn. It will be a space for the general public and specifically students and their teachers, to explore the story of the Holocaust across 10 vertical, 6-foot panels.

It will tell the story of how anti-Semitism throughout history led to Nazism and the Holocaust. But it will also tell the story of liberation, immigration to Israel, and a hope for the future. This aligns with our motto: “Out of despair…hope!”

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