You can help keep God's House at CCFV clean!

Volunteers needed to help clean!

We need help cleaning God's house, the church! Keeping the church clean is a part of how we worship God. It shows that we care about how God is manifested to the world. It also makes visitors more comfortable. It is our desire to keep our costs down and clean the church with volunteers.

What help is needed to keep God's house clean?

It is all the usual stuff like dusting and vacuuming. The glass on the doors needs all the small handprints cleaned off. There is also a need to run the shampooer on the carpets and chairs (that is a big need right now).

When could you help clean at the church?

Pastor Rick is at the church during working hours Monday to Friday, so you could come any day during the week. We also get to the church about 7 am on Sundays, so you could come before church and help then. And if a different day or time works better for you, just let us know.

If you are available to help keep God's House shining brightly, please fill out the form below or send a message to Pastor Rick ([email protected]).