Acting like a worshiper!

A true servant does not mind being tested.

September 29

Yet they act so pious! They come to the Temple every day and seem delighted to hear my laws. You would almost think this was a righteous nation that would never abandon its God. They love to make a show of coming to me and asking me to take action on their behalf.

Isaiah 58:2

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Acting like a worshiper!

Isaiah is speaking out against those people who were acting like they believed God.  Their worship was not true worship.  They were just putting on a show so that others would see them as very spiritual people.  Sadly, some of them probably thought that was what God wanted from them.

The people in the church today are no different than the people 2,700 years ago in Isaiah’s time.  There are still great numbers of people who worship God in a way that is false worship.  Their worship is all about what they do and not what God wants.  They are putting on a show that will not save them.  They come to church and even give the impression that they are growing and maturing from the teaching of the Word.

As leaders of families, ministries, or churches we must be very watchful for people like this.  Often these sorts of people will be coming to you looking for a position of leadership because it helps with their act.  And some of them come with great gifts, abilities, and resources.  The problem is that their motives are all wrong and they are likely to do more harm than good.

As leaders, especially if we are involved in starting a new ministry or church, we must be very watchful for this.  God does not look at the outward man and neither should we.  If someone comes into your ministry or church that is too good to be true; be careful, they might be!  The Bible teaches that we should test those who desire to be in a position of leadership.

The idea of testing is similar to what is done to verify the purity of precious metals.  There are tests that prove that the metal is pure.  A true servant does not mind being tested.  Someone who has a wrong heart or is a false worshipper will object and probably resist or refuse to be tested.  That proves the purity of their heart.

Only God knows the condition of someone’s heart.  We must be very careful not to judge anyone’s heart.  But we can test them, and we can look for the fruit of their lives.  A great test for this is to put that person in a position of humility; a place of service where they are not the leader or the center of attention.  A true servant will serve and wait for the LORD to open the doors to allow them to serve where their gifts, abilities, and resources can be used to their fullest.  Do not be quick to place someone in a position of leadership just because they look perfect; it could be an act.  Jesus, help us to patiently wait for you to reveal to us where you want to place people in service to You in Your church.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:
Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 57:15-59:21; Philippians 1:1-26; Psalm 71:1-24; Proverbs 24:9-10

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