Throw away your idols!

Something that is imperfect cannot make something that is perfect.

September 19

I know the glorious day will come when every one of you will throw away the gold idols and silver images that your sinful hands have made.

Isaiah 31:7

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Throw away your idols!

God can foresee a day when we will choose to throw away all of the idols that we have made. Most people that read this will probably say that they don’t have any idols in their lives to throw away. There might actually be some that don’t, but probably not. Most people probably have more idols in their lives than they are even aware of. Anything that takes any place in your life that Jesus should have is an idol and God is not happy about it. But God knows that some day we will throw them all away and our worship of Him will be pure and undefiled.

In our verse for the day we are told that gold idols and silver images were made by our own hands. These things that we are worshipping were made by our hands. To worship something is to give it some power to control and provide for your life. I don’t think we understand just how foolish it is to think that something that we made with our own hands can take care of us or provide for us. We will sometimes give control of our lives to something that has no power other than what we have given it.

Not only did we make these things with our hands but we made them with our sinful hands. That means that the things that we can make with our own hands can be no more holy or righteous than we are. The things that we make with our own hands can have no more power than we do. Something that is imperfect cannot make something that is perfect. The only way that we can make anything with our hands that is of any value in our lives or the lives of others is to remove the idols of gold and silver from our lives and let Jesus take His rightful place in our hearts.

To throw these idols away we might need to literally remove things from our lives that distract us from God. That is not what is required if you can simply eliminate its importance from your life. It has to be okay with you if God wanted to remove it; your relationship with Him should be the most important thing to you. It must be more important to you than the things you have or your position or fame or any such thing. If Jesus is the most important thing in your life then there is nothing that God will deny you. It is when our things possess us that we become entangled in them and our sinful hands fashion them into idols for our worship.

God can see a day when each of us will throw away our idols and worship Him the way that we should. Today we should be striving towards achieving that level of worship by systematically asking God to reveal in our lives anything that hinders our walk with Him and then taking radical steps to discard them from our lives. Jesus, help us to take out the trash.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:
Read: Isaiah 30:12-33:9; Galatians 5:1-12; Psalm 63:1-11; Proverbs 23:22

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