Making Improvements!

Making our church home more comfortable!

We are very excited about the facility God has provided for us. As soon as we moved in we started making a list of things we wanted to do to make it more comfortable. Some of the projects are small and some of them are pretty ambitious. There is list below to give you an idea of what we are planning to work on.

Volunteers are amazing!

We are blessed to have many gifted people at CCFV. All the work being done is going to be done by volunteers, if possible. If you see anything in the list that you could help with, fill out the form below and let us know. If you are like me (Pastor Rick), and not super-gifted, we could always use helpers for those doing the work. Just let us know you are willing to help and someone will coordinate with you.

Can you help?

Thankfully, we have most of the things we need to do church, but we will be needing to make some purchases to make the church as comfortable and functional as we believe it needs to be. Once we have that list together and determined how much things will cost, we will let everyone know. You might not have the specific skills to the construction tasks that need to be done, but you can help financially. In the project list below, we have estimated costs at each step. If you would like to sponsor that part of the project, click the 'Help Financially' button. Give whatever you are comfortable with. Select Building Fund from the Give To dropdown menu.

Help Financially

Projects List

  • Complete the pass-through into the Children's Ministry
  • Expand the Sound and Multimedia Booth
  • Add lighting to the back of the sanctuary (cost: $285)
  • Add second TV for worship lyrics (cost: $230)
  • Insulate sanctuary wall for better temperature control
  • Repair wall in foyer and paint
  • Build Youth Room
  • Build Nursing Mothers/Nursery Room

Completed Projects

  • Signs on front of building (cost: $150 - needs sponsor)

This list will be updated regularly.

We want to hear from you!

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on this matter or if you have any ideas that might help us.

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Community is important to us!

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