Revelation Bible Study

Meets every Tuesday at 9am

Revelation - Living in the light of His soon coming!

Join us for this weekly verse-by-verse in-person and online Bible study!

With everything that is going on in the world people are more curious than ever about what the Bible says about these things. You should be comforted to know that the Bible does speak about these world events.

The purpose of this study is to go verse-by-verse through the book of Revelation. We will explore what God inspired the Apostle John to write almost two thousand years ago and compare them to what we are seeing in world events. We will also attempt to apply the principles of this important book to our everyday lives.

God gave us the book of Revelation so that we would know and understand the events of the End Times. Jesus is coming and the signs of the times suggest that it could be very soon. Join us in this time of study as we prepare ourselves and others for the return of our King Jesus.

There are two ways to be involved with this study!

Participate in a Zoom Video Conference call or attend in person at the church.

There are two ways to be involved in this meeting: attend the study in-person at the church or join us on a Zoom call. The Zoom call will be limited to about 12 people. Click this button to ask to join the Zoom meeting:

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These meetings will be recorded and can be watched later. By signing up using the link above you will be informed after we have posted the recording online.