Keep your promises!

If you are in a position of authority and you have made a promise, keep it! Regardless of the cost or inconvenience.

May 26

One day David began wondering if anyone in Saul’s family was still alive, for he promised Jonathan that he would show kindness to them.

2 Samuel 9:1

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Keep your promises!

David is firmly established as the king of Israel.  Things begin to settle into a routine and David’s mind wanders from the affairs of the kingdom to reflect upon the past.  In doing that he remembers a promise that he made to Jonathan, King Saul’s son.  Jonathan was David’s friend and David had promised that he would take care of Jonathan’s family.  This chapter describes King David fulfilling that promise in a very generous manner.

As I read a chapter of the Bible like this I find myself asking why this particular account is in there.  Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, is crippled in both feet.  We will hear about him again briefly during the account of Absalom’s revolt.  He seems to be an insignificant character in Scripture.  Why did the LORD inspire this particular account to be recorded?  The answer is simple; the account is not really about Mephibosheth, it is about David’s character.

David was a man of great character.  He takes Mephibosheth into the palace and treats him as one of his own sons.  He blesses him with all of Saul’s land and provides servants to take care of it.  To keep his promise to Jonathan, he didn’t need to do that much.  David is described in Scripture by God as a man after God’s own heart.  That is important for us to keep in mind as we go into some of the next chapters of David’s life.  There we will see his sin with Bathsheba and ultimately the murder of her husband.

David was not perfect.  He made mistakes.  And yet God used him powerfully to accomplish great things for the LORD.  David was used by God because his heart belonged to the LORD.  His character reflected his love for the LORD even though his sinful nature occasionally peeked out.

David kept his promise to Jonathan through Mephibosheth even though he could have gotten away with not keeping it.  Or he certainly didn’t have to keep it as graciously as he did.  Mephibosheth grew to love and respect David greatly.  How many of us can say that we have even considered keeping a promise in such a way?

David’s position and power did not exclude him from keeping promises and maintaining a high character.  In fact, his position and power required that he do so.  That is how it should be for each of us as well.  If you are in a position of authority and you have made a promise, keep it!  Regardless of the cost or inconvenience.  Jesus, help us to be faithful to you by being faithful to our promises.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:
Daily Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 9:1-11:27; John 15:1-27; Psalm 119:49-64; Proverbs 16:1-3

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