Seeking wisdom!

God’s counsel is always good and leads you to Jesus and the life that He came to give you.

July 28

He did what was evil in the LORD'S sight, just as Ahab had done. After the death of his father, members of Ahab's family became his advisers, and they led him to ruin.

2 Chronicles 22:4

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Seeking wisdom!

Ahaziah becomes king after his father has been struck by God and killed in a most terrible way.  His father had married one of King Ahab’s daughters.  King Ahab was one of the most wicked and evil kings that the nation of Israel ever endured.  Ahaziah adopted the ways of his father-in-law King Ahab and was also a wicked king.  The thing is that he wasn’t a king of Israel but of Judah.  In our verse for the day it says that the king of Judah took as his advisers men from the nation of Israel.

The ten tribes of Israel had a long almost uninterrupted series of wicked kings that did what was evil in the LORD’s sight.  Many of the God-fearing people in the land of the ten tribes escaped to Judah so as not to defile themselves with the sins that the kings were leading the people into.  Now some of the very men that had helped King Ahab to be the wickedest king of Israel are the men who are advising Ahaziah.  The result is that these people led him to his ruin.

The people who we allow to be our counselors and advisers will have an impact on us.  In some respects, you might understand why Ahaziah went to them for advice; after all, they were part of his family.  Bloodlines are not enough to determine if someone should be your adviser or not.  There must be something more than just relation that determines who will be appropriate to counsel you and advise you.

Only one person should be your adviser and that is God.  The only way we can live this life is to listen only to God and then do what He says.  Ahaziah’s advisers didn’t follow God and weren’t listening to God.  Ahaziah only reigned in Judah for one year because He despised the counsel of the LORD.

Who are the people who are advising you and where are they leading you?  The Bible does teach us to seek counsel and advice from others.  It tells us to seek that advice from people with wisdom.  We also know from Scripture that wisdom is found in God and God alone.  This should teach us to seek counsel from godly people.  We determine whether someone is giving godly counsel based on comparing what they tell us to what the Bible teaches and what the Holy Spirit confirms in our heart.

Just because someone is part of your family doesn’t qualify them as your adviser.  The people you should go to for advice are the ones who are going to God for advice.  Anything else and you are being led to ruin and destruction.  God’s counsel is always good and leads you to Jesus and the life that He came to give you.  Jesus, reveal to us who we should be allowing to counsel and advise us.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:
Daily Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 21:1-23:21; Romans 11:13-36; Psalm 22:1-18; Proverbs 20:7

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